Facebook Instant Articles- What, Why, How?


Social media platforms are ever-changing creations, with new features coming out every half year or so. Facebook Instant Articles is one of these novelties… and it’s going to be great!



Time To Know More. Photo Credit: Facebook Instant Articles

You may be noticing some changes in your News Feed, namely: when you click on an article, it appears instantly. Almost no time is needed to load articles, just like in the case of photos or videos, they “load instantly, as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web,” according to Facebook.

The new Instant Articles are interactive, too. You can easily zoom into good quality photos, and you only have to tilt your device to discover more. Every video within the article will be on auto-play, so again, no time is needed for them to buffer and you don’t have to wait. As Facebook says about the videos in the articles: “See where it all happened with interactive maps. Hear the author’s voice with embedded audio captions.”

Fast for Mobile.

Speed For Mobile. Photo Credit: Mashable

On the publisher side, things will get faster and easier, too: using simple tools like HTML and RSS feeds, one will be able to instantly upload daily news pieces and long forms; integration is easy as pie.

Facebook’s Instant Articles also gives the decision to publishers about ads: have them in the articles or don’t have them, keep the revenue entirely, or make use of the Facebook Audience Network. Furthermore, Facebook makes it possible for publishers to customize articles to the last detail to reflect a brand, which furthers brand recognition.

All in all, we can agree that speed is wonderful – who would want to wait ten seconds, looking at a blank screen, when they could be ten seconds into an interesting article?

"You don't want a loading bar getting in your way." Photo Credit: Youtube

“You don’t want a loading bar getting in your way.” Photo Credit: Youtube