Stand Alone Services

We realize that not everyone wants or needs packages. Our products are available separately, too, so you can decide which ones your company requires and how frequently. Please ask for a quote and write down which one of our services you’d like to learn more about.


Search Engine Optimization

Ranking in a great position in search engine results is vital if you want your company to be noticed. Getting noticed will lead to more sales. However, there’s much more to creating content that search engines will favor than just adding the correct keywords and links. Lucky for you, our company started off as specializing in SEO, so we have decades’ worth of experience in this matter. We also have the professional tools to keep up with evolving trends, which will guarantee that you and your business will stay on top of things. Every industry is constantly changing - we’re prepared to keep reviewing your content and forming it so as to gain higher visibility. We conduct SEO campaigns, provide SEO consultations, identify and fix broken link and recommend and set up SEO and analytic tools for your business.

Social Media Marketing

It seems like everything revolves around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ nowadays, and it’s true: according to Statista, Facebook has so far had a total of 1.55 billion users per month in 2015. Social Media Marketing is important for every type of business, since you can share useful information with your customers and place advertisement that will reach your target audience. What’s great about working with these platforms is that you can show your company’s creative side, personify yourself and choose your audience based on gender, interests, age, location and education level. The three pillars of most our social media campaigns are: - Posting original, creative content - Using paid advertisements - Acknowledging other companies

Content Marketing

In online marketing, content creation is one of the key factors, because this is how potential customers will gain information about your company. Valuable content is also important when it comes to search engines; this is how your web page will be ranked. In order to come up with appealing content for both future customers and search machines, there are a few methods that need to be applied. Thankfully, we know all the tricks of the trade and capable writers to provide you with top-notch, fresh content right off the shelf! After evaluating your website and target audience, we’ll get right onto increasing your traffic using regular blog posts, news letters, infographics and internal link development.

Digital Advertising

Ad-buying and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are the most simple ways of reaching your target audience. With the help of online advertising, you can be present on almost every Internet platform, from social media sites like YouTube to all types of service hubs. In order to lead a successful ad operation, we will first help you identify which platforms are needed to reach as many of your potential clients or customers as possible. Then, we will set up a plan with regards to your budget and advertising needs, and just like that, you’ll have started to promote your product or service through advantageous channels. We use some of the most popular and outstanding ad-services existing: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Mobile Advertising and YouTube Ads, just to mention a few.

Website Evaluation

A great website is the absolute starting point for any accomplished business. But what makes an excellent website? Well, there are many factors - it should be straightforward, catchy, creative, have useful and regularly updated information… the list goes on and on into infinity and back. The good news? We have many years of experience in evaluating websites and helping our clients come up with a better version of their outdated ones. We’ll sift through your site meticulously, identify its flaws, and come up with a plan for you to fix it. Once you have a well-functioning website, the sky’s the limit!

Mobile Optimization

Since the dawn of the smartphones, mobile usage for gaining all sorts of information has grown drastically. Just think about it - all those employees commuting from work each day, checking out the latest updates on their social media pages and reading about their interests. Therefore, it is incredibly important for every business to have a website that can easily be accessed via smartphone. Many times, companies are unaware of the fact that although their website works perfectly on any desktop, their webpages break when opened on mobile. In many cases, the mobile platform of a website is so impractical to use, potential customers get put off by it. Don’t fret, our experts will help you weed out all the errors that your mobile platform presents. The result? A fully functioning, easy-to-navigate website that will draw in your mobile-using audience.