Selling Made Easy: Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads


For businesses that want to effectively sell products, Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads is a great starting point. The service has already proven itself with companies such as Target, so why not give it a go?

So, what do Dynamic Product Ads really stand for? Well, according to Facebook,  these ads “help you promote relevant products to shoppers browsing your product catalogue on your website or mobile app.”


Selling Made Easier

Sounds simple enough. The magic behind this service will become apparent mostly for businesses that sell a lot of products. You have to upload your product inventory onto the program, and create individual ads – not a problem when you have like 10 products. However, when you have hundreds of merchandise, Dynamic Product Ads offers a helping hand: you can use one fixed template for all of your products and change just a couple of elements. When the product is uploaded to Facebook, different photos or product names can be added to the dynamic ad. Thanks to the tracking pixel created by Facebook, customers will be presented with ads relevant to what they have searched for on the seller’s website.


Just Put the Product Into Your Cart

Dynamic Product Ads also make it possible to show more than one product at once, which can come in very handy when someone wants to quickly and effectively grab the buyers’ attention. Another plus is that with this service, the ads can be viewed on any surface, be it a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Facebook allows you to keep track of your progress, too, which provides great help for marketers. They will send you frequent updates on ad performance, and you can adjust the style accordingly.

They put a lot of emphasis on relevance, be it stock of a given piece of merchandise, product prices or what people search for. For example, if somebody searched for iPhone cases on your site, iPhone case ads will pop up in their News Feeds, or other relevant products – anything that might interest your potential customers.


Relevant Products For Customers


For now, it seem like Facebook’s new marketing product is proving to be useful for a lot of big companies. As Kristi Argyilan, Target’s Senior VP of Media and Guest Engagement said, “The early results have exceeded expectations. Performance has been especially strong on mobile devices – an important and fast-growing area for Target – where we’re seeing two times the conversion rate.”


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