Super Bowl Ads of 2016 Are Here!


The race has begun! Some of the 2016 Super Bowl ads are already circulating social media. Super Bowl will kick off this Sunday, and as per usual, tension is rising around the marketing side of things.

The race has, indeed, begun… but it’s not really about football. It’s the contest of brand creativity, humour and general WOW-factor. In other words: which company can emerge as this year’s winner for best Super Bowl ad? Big question indeed. There is another reason why the employees of these marketing departments probably can’t sleep: the cost of air time can become monstrous really fast. For example,  30 seconds (!) of air time costs a tremendous USD 5 million. Needless to say, ads need to be well thought-out, to say the least.

No wonder then, brands aim to bag the largest celebrities and come up with the most creative and funny ads the world has ever seen.

Fireworks go off as the Seattle Seahawks win following the Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2, 2014. The Seattle Seahawks whipped the Denver Broncos 43-8 in the first Super Bowl held in a cold weather site. UPI/Dennis Van Tine

There are quite a lot of ads that you can watch right away, so dig in!



Restricted Bling

Title: Restricted Bling

Celeb(s): Drake

In short: They use Drake’s new single “Hotline Bling.” The purpose is to show how other mobile carriers ruin everything (like Drake’s song) and that how T-Mobile is nothing like other carriers – it is the “Un-Carrier”.



Singing Skittles

Title: The Portrait

Celeb(s): Steven Tyler

In short: A portrait of Steven Tyler made out of Skittles that can sing. Like, very high notes. Until it explodes.



You Nearly Hit Ryan Reynolds Because You Were Gawking At Him

Title: Ryanville

Celeb(s): Ryan Reynolds

In short: If you drive a new Hyundai and enter this magical suburb, you’ll see Ryan Reynolds everywhere. Yes, everywhere. And while you’re gawking at Ryan Reynolds on the side of the road and totally not paying attention to pedestrians crossing, your new Hyundai will save the life of another Ryan Reynolds by stopping so you don’t hit him with your car.


Choose the Colorful Socks!

Title: Walken Closet

Celeb(s): Christopher Walken

In short: Walk into your Walken closet and get a pep talk from Mr. Walken. The message: always stand out, wear colorful socks and drive a Kia.




Title: Wiener Stampede

In short: Tons of cute puppies in hot dog costumes running towards ketchup and mustard. How is that for a Super Bowl Ad? Enough said.



Defy Labels

Title: Defy Labels

Celeb(s): Serena Williams, Harvey Keitel, Tony Hawk, Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson

In short: You can call the Mini gay, girly, slow or a kiddy wagon, it doesn’t really care because it’s awesome anyways.


Amazon Echo

Pierre, This Is Way Too Soft!

Title: Cheese Footballs

Celeb: Alec Baldwin

In short: Alec Baldwin won’t allow any soft footballs, be it cheese or real life.



Brains. Yes.

Title: Find Your Magic

In short: Everyone has something that makes them special. But being well-groomed definitely doesn’t hurt.



Nobody Was Taken.

Title: Man From The Future

Celeb(s): Liam Neeson

In short: Kid, save the TV. Save the future.


Super Bowl Babies


In short: You have to watch this, it’s amazing!!!



Just Turn It Off

Title: Every Drop Counts

In short: Raising awareness: the amount of water running while we wash our teeth amounts to exactly what some people can only drink in a week.




Talking Dog. Woof.

Title: A New Truck To Love

In short: Sheep singing Queen. Oh, and a dog talking. And there’s something about a new pick-up, too.



Oh So... Sexy?

Title: Bud Light Party is Coming

Celeb(s): Seth Rogen, Amy Schumer

In short: How men and women prep for a party… oooh the stress of it.


New ads are constantly coming out for Super Bowl, so don’t forget to check those out too!