Train Wrecks, Line Up! The Top 7 Marketing Fails of All Time


Sometimes, things just don’t go the way we planned. A crazy idea sparks in your head, you write it down, make plans for it… even the management smiles down at you like the Lion King did at Simba. It all starts out great and then, without a moment’s notice, everything collapses. Here are ten examples of this instance, maybe we’ll learn for them…




Billboards are Dangerous!

They say location is everything when it comes to a business. Well, that might be true, especially in some of these cases, but what about phrasing and spelling? Shouldn’t those count for something, too?


I’d Rather Not…



A What?

So, Bud Light, What is a “No”?

Apparently, a “no” can easily be turned into a “yes,” as Bud Light told us with its marketing campaign earlier in the year. Doesn’t sound too reassuring, does it? I mean, as a girl, this phrase doesn’t really entice me to talk to a guy at the bar drinking Bud Light… nah, that’s silly, only an extremity. The hashtag “upforwhatever” is definitely NOT a good way to go, either. Of course, the next step was to apologise and by now, probably all the sketchy cans of beer are gone!



No More “No’s”

IHOP and the Breasts

Warning: the following slogan talks about a stack of pancakes! “Flat but has a GREAT personality,” was the catchy phrase that IHOP used on their Twitter feed to describe the delicious morning meal. The pancakes had a round blob of butter on them, so anyone could quickly connect the dots and realize that they are, in fact, talking about “lady lumps,” as The Black Eyed Peas would put it. They later on apologized, saying that they were “immature” and that their Tweet “does not reflect what IHOP stands for.”


Because Personality is Everything

Bloomingdale’s and the Tale of the Spiked Eggnog

Bloomingdale’s haven’t really thought this through, that’s for sure. Maybe they thought, “Hey, this could be funny, nobody could misunderstand such a playful joke?” Well, they did. Everyone did. When you, as a company, suggest to guys to “spike” their BFF’s eggnogs, you are suggesting something entirely different. Naturally, the fail was followed by an apology. *Sigh*



Why Would You Give an Advice Like That?

Life Alert – Alert Yourself to the Trauma

If you can watch the first part of this video  without even a cringe, something is very wrong with you (sorry.) But, if you are scared to watch it, here is the short synopsis: an old grandma has fallen down the stairs and is crying for help, but nobody hears her. So she stays there alone, afraid, and unable to do anything. Just lying there. The message is: buy Life Alert, and if something like this were to happen to you, you can just press the button and call for help and be saved. Still, the video is far too traumatizing. *Cringe*


No. Just no.


My iPhone has Been Hijacked By Bono!

Probably most of you have experienced this highly annoying phenomenon earlier this year… when U2 decided to forcefully download their new album onto every single iTunes Music Library. Without any thought to whether you wanted it or not. Bono admitted that they might have gotten a bit “carried away.” On second thought, probably U2 fans must have been really happy. In any case, forcing stuff on others is simply not cool.



Thanks, U2!

Bouncing Back From This? Don’t Think So.

Oglivy India tried to advertise their wonderful mattress by something quite shocking. To say the least. Their ad is still up on Ads of the World’s Facebook page and shows Malala Yousafzai (yes, that Malala) being shot, falling down on the mattress, and then bouncing back up to receive an award. As expected Oglivy has swiftly apologized for the epic facepalm.


There Are No words…